The Journey Begins

Welcome to the Lenten Reflections program sponsored by St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Harwich, Massachusetts !   

This program is intended to be an invitation for you to deepen your spirituality pathwayspic1through contemplation and reflection on how the God is present in your life.  The program participants will be offered an opportunity to reflect on specific topics over the first three weeks in Lent and then we will meet as a group at St. Peter’s Church to share our reflections together. Then, for the next three weeks we will repeat the process with a final meeting just before Holy Week. 

Here is how the program will unfold:

1.    Each week a page on a spiritual topic will be posted on this site.  This page will include a brief reflection on the topic along with a scripture reading. There may also be several key questions your for contemplation.  In addition, there will be internet links to videos, music or text readings to deepen your reflections.

2.  After reflection, or as part of your reflection, each participant is invited to journal his or her thoughts about the subject of the week’s focus. You are also encouraged to capture the felt sense of your contemplation with a simple drawing or artwork in your journal.  

3. There will be two the Lenten group evening meetings at St. Peter’s where there will be the opportunity for prayer and the sharing of  journal writings,  reflections, inspirations and insights with each other.

The links for the pages for each week will be on the menu above the title.

This online website will be a gift by Joe Colletti with the guidance of Pastor Christian for the people of St. Peter’s Church and beyond…